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Equipment: Circulating Water Pump
Equipment Type: Pumps And Valves -> Reciprocating Pump
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Post Time: 2010-09-06
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Description: Range of performance Flow rate up to 7.5 m³ /h Head up to 7.8 m Limits of use Liquid temperature up to + 110° C (class TF 110) Environment temperature up to + 40° C Maximum working pressure 10 bar (pn 10) Max glycol percentage 50% The rotor shaft must be installed horizontally. Installation and use They are recommended for pumping clean water and liquids that are chemically non aggressive to the materials from which the circulators are made. They have three speeds which may be ed by means of a knob, and are intended for the forced circulation of hot and/or cold water. Construction characteristics Pump body: Cast iron Impeller: Composite material Stator and rotor case: Stainless steel Bearing support: Stainless steel Seals: EPDM Shaft: Stainless steel Bearings: Graphite Electric motor: Single-phase 230v - 50 Hz With built-in capacitor Insulation: Class h Protection: IP 44.
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